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Best Windows 10 S Laptops you can buy right now

Best Windows 10 S Laptops you can buy right now

Microsoft released Widnows 10 S recently keeping a students need in mind. Well yes, also to compete with Google Chrome OS and just like Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows 10 S only supports apps from Windows store, nothing out of it. It also means that users

50 iOS 11 features you must know about

Apple revealed iOS 11 beta in WWDC recently and most of the people are running this new build on their iPhones. Sadly Apple removed the support for 32-bit devices so your iPhone 5 and 5C is no longer supported and you won’t get iOS 11


How to Install Android O on Nexus smartphones

Google is going to release a new version of Android and it’s obvious that the next version will be named after any confectionary starts with “O.” This next version of Android A.K.A Android O will be going to similar to the previous version (Android 7.0