If you own an Android smartphone then you might be thinking of getting that Google Pixel 2 Launcher on your current Android smartphone. You have to use a third party launcher which will also increase the performance and make your smartphone a little more swift. if you are using any of the Samsung budget or mid range smartphone then this launcher is a life saver because Samsung’s TouchWiz UI comes with lots of bloatware and unnecessary animations.

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You only need an Android smartphone running the Android 5.0 Lollipop or later version. Once you have all this, you are ready to do the magic. Follow these steps below and get Google Pixel 2 launcher interface on your smartphone. The launcher we are going to use here comes with in-app purchases but we don’t need any of the paid feature here, so don’t buy any payable upgrade. But you are always welcome to support the developers by purchasing the premium version of the app so they can keep making awesome stuff for you guys.

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Steps to get the Google Pixel 2 Launcher on any Android smartphone

  1. Download the Nova launcher from the Google Play Store and complete the first setup using these settings; immersive app drawer and swipe up to reveal app drawer.
  2. Now your phone will look more like stock Android interface but to make it look exactly like the Pixel 2 interface, we need to tweak some of the settings in Nova Launcher.
  3. Tap and hold the home screen, now you are in home screen edit mode, remove all the home screen and clear down (remove widgets) the one which is left.
  4. Now, swipe up from the dock to open app drawer,  open Nova Settings app from there.
  5. In settings, go to Desktop and tap on Grid size. Set the values similar to what you see in the screenshot below.
    Google Pixel 2 Launcher
  6. Come back and go to Dock settings and disable the dock using the toggle int he top right corner.
  7. Come back once again and go to Search bar and select the one with rounded corners.
    Google Pixel 2 Launcher
  8. Return to home screen, hold the search bar and pull it to the bottom of the screen.
  9. Now add five shortcuts above the search bar and now your phone will look absolutely like the Google Pixel 2 launcher but still one thing is missing; the round icons.
  10. For round icons, you have to download an icon pack from the Google Play Store called Nougat icon pack.
  11. Once installed, go to Nova settings > Look and Feel > Icon theme, select the icon pack you just installed.

Wait for some time and voila! your phone will look exactly like the Google Pixel 2 with similar user interface. To bring up the app drawer, you have to swipe up from the very bottom of the screen.


Now you know how to get that amazing minimal Google Pixel 2 launcher user interface on your Android smartphone. It is recommended to use a blur background wallpaper or some minimalist wallpaper to go best with this setup. You can also tweak some more settings to get seven shortcuts to make it look more neat. Follow Techozilla on Twitter and  Facebook to know about great guides like this.

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