honor-8-pro android nougat

Huawei recently released Honor 8 Pro with a dual camera setup which is directly competing with OnePlus 5. It comes with decent hardware and build quality but the only thing which let this smartphone down is the user interface. The EMUI sure is great but it can not be better than the stock Android 7.1.2 Nougat.

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Stock Android 7.1.2 is smooth and snapier than any other UI for smartphones, thats why Nexus smartphones yeilds better performance out of their hardware. So there is no way that Huawei will provide any update which changes the EMUI to the stock Android UI. But there is a way to do that but it is unofficial and may voids your warranty, so if you are ready to risk it then come along.


  • You need your Honor 8 Pro smartphone, a USB cable, a computer with internet connection and a memory card(optional).Your smartphone should be
  • Your smartphone should be charged to 80 percent before proceeding for installation.
  • Backup your data and keep it safe on your PC using any backup tool or just copy files from smartphone to your PC.
  • Your Honor 8 Pro sould be rooted and installed with TWRP custom receovery, this step will void your warranty (comment below if you want to know how to root and install TWRP).
  • The memory card is an option but it will make the process a bit easy and safe.

honor-8-pro android nougat

Steps to install the Android 7.1.2 Nougat on Honor 8 Pro

  1. Downlaod the Paranoid Android ROM and the Gapps zip file, copy them to a memory card (or copy them to your smartphone’s internal storage’s root directory).
  2. Insert the memory card in your smartphone and reboot your phone to recovery mode.
  3. Once in recovery mode, tap on Wipe and confirmt o wipe down all the data.
  4. Now, come back to main menu and tap on Install and select from SD card.
  5. Now slect the custom ROM you just downloaded and moved to smartphone (or select the SD card).
  6. After confirming to install, the installations process will start, after intallation’s done, repeat the step and install Gapps zip file.
  7. Now tap on Reboot System and your phone will reboot automatically.

Your device will take a while to reboot and get to the welcome screen. From here you can easily fullow the steps and setup your smartphone just like new.


If you sucessfully installed the ROM then good but if not, then make sure to ask anything you wanted about the installtion in the comments. Now, you will experience a lot of difference in performance but if you want to go back then you should head on to this creating backup tutorial here.

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