OnePlus is going to release its next update to its current flagship which been through lots of criticism because OnePlus didn’t upgrade the display on its flagship. So, OnePlus is back with a bang, OnePlus 5T is going to be the big brother of OnePlus 5 with its amazing Full View display with 18:9-pixel ratio. OnePlus 5T is also going to feature a better camera setup for rear camera performance. The OnePlus 5T is going to get revealed in a couple of days; there is nothing announced yet, not even the price, only some specifications and pictures has been leaked. So, according to the leaked specs, we are comparing the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T and see if its good to buy OnePlus 5 or to wait for the OnePlus 5T.


The display is going to be the most significant upgrade in OnePlus 5T, OnePlus is adding a Full VIew display in it with minimal bezels around the screen. The resolution is also going to be changed, and the pixel ration is going to be 18:9 which is now a trend in Full View display featuring smartphones. OnePlus five is still lagging behind with the same display panel from the OnePlus 3 and 3T, even the resolution and pixel density hasn’t been changed.

So, if you care about the trend and want to own a smartphone with Full View display, then you should wait for OnePlus 5T to come out because it will definitely fit with your expectations and your pocket as well.


Performance is not going to change in any matter because OnePlus already featured the fastest mobile processor ever paired with 8GB RAM. There is no way OnePlus going to upgrade that performance at any level; it will going to be the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 8GB RAM. So if you are all about performance and nothing else then make sure to book yourself the 8GB RAM version of the OnePlus 5 because it is totally worth it.


We have this leak previously about the OnePlus 5T that the smartphone will be featuring a 20MP + 20MP dual-camera setup which will blow away every competition if it is true (at least in the numbers). So if the camera is your concern, then you have to wait for some time and see what OnePlus 5T is coming fitted with. Else, you have to go with the same 20MP + 16MPĀ  rear camera setup in OnePlus 5.

Infographic (a little credit goes to OnePlus for making a fantastic smartphone)

OnePlus 5T

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