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How to Root Essential Phone PH-1

Essential Phone PH-1

Essential Phone PH-1 is a very essential phone but became the center of attraction very fast because of its almost bezel-less display design. Well, recently one of the developers on XDA-Developers found a straightforward method to root his smartphone. Here is the step by step guide to root your Essential Phone PH-1, follow these carefully to root your phone. Make sure to know how and why rooting exists because it might make your phone unstable, so you better understand what you are going to do with your device before doing so. Also, rooting your phone voids the warranty and there is still no way to un-root the phone yet.

Things you need

Steps to root the Essential Phone PH-1

  1. Download the needed files from the above link and save all of them in a new folder on the desktop.
  2. Now unzip the platform file and move the other three files; Magisk, TWRP and the modified boot image into the platform tools folder you just extracted (with all the files). Also, copy the path to that folder from the address bar above on the file explorer.
  3. Now right click the start button and select “Command Prompt(Admin)“.
  4. Now type this command:

    cd “paste the path to that folder here without quotes”

    and press return key.

  5. Now connect your Essential phone with the computer and execute this command:

    adb reboot bootloader

  6. Your phone will ask for permission, allow it and your phone will reboot to the bootloader.
  7. Now execute this command:

    fastboot flash boot twrp.img

  8. Now from the fastboot menu, boot into the recovery mode (navigate via volume keys and confirm with the power key).
  9. Once the phone boots to the recovery mode, execute the following commands one after another:

    adb shell twrp sideload
    adb sideload

  10. Once magisk zip finish installing, execute this command:

    adb reboot bootloader

  11. When you see the bootloader screen again, execute the following command:

    fastboot flash boot boot.img

  12. Once flashing done, reboot the device using this command; fastboot reboot.


Now your phone is rooted, do whatever you desire with the root access but be careful with a rooted device. Lot’s of apps might stop working which needs a secure Android system to run like the banking apps and anti-viruses. If you need any assistance at any step, feel free to ask us about it in the comment section below.

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