If you are still using two laptops so you can have both Mac and Windows life? Then stop doing that anymore because here we have the best solution for your misery and it is not the same old solution; Virtual Box. This is Crossover 17 and it installs the Windows apps right on your  MacBook so you can use them without rebooting or using any risky method.

Crossover 17

Crossover 17 for Linux can help you to run the Windows apps and softwares on your Mac OS. Before this, you need to install the Windows OS on your MacBook to get the Windows apps working. You have to buy a Windows license for that and have to pay a lot just to run MS Office on your MacBook. But Crossover 17 is going to change it all, lets see how this app works and what are the amazing features you will get with Crossover 17. You can run MS Office 2017 on your MacBook and even can run the WIndows games if your MacBook’s graphics meets system requirement.

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Crossover 17 is a small utility which installs the Windows apps and softwares on your Mac or Linux so you can launch them without any problem. This app is available on XDA Depot to download and install on your Mac or Linux systems. The Crossover 17 comes with lots of new stuff and some bugfixes. The app is $19 for a limited time, else the full price of the app is $39.95.

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