Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features: What’s New

Samsung finally raised the curtains and we all saw the Galaxy Note 8 in its full glory in the live stream of the launch event. The event went well and the features demonstrated in the launch even is just a part of what Samsung had really added in the Galaxy Note 8. Here are some features of Galaxy Note 8 which you should know about it or if you missed the live stream.

Infinity Display

Well, the concept of the Infinity Display is very well known to us because we saw it previously on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+. There are lots of smartphone brands out there building bezel less smartphone, even tri side bezel less but what Samsung did is amazing. Samsung minimized the top and bottom bezels and made the display curved on the edges which gives an astonishing Infinity Dispaly.

Galaxy Note 8

The disaply in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a 6.3 inch Quad HD+ panel with more than 500 PPI pixel density. The disaply is super big, even then the smartphone fits perfectly in hands. The corners of the disaply is less rounded than Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+. Every media on this disaply looks vivid because of its amazing resolution and of the fact that it is a Super AMOLED dispaly.

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Dual Cameras

Samsung has used dual cameras first time in any of its device, Samsung added two 12MP sensors setup for rear camera. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has Optical Image Stabilization on both sensors, which hasn’t done before on any smartphone before. Even Apple iPhone 7 Plus’ dual camera somes with OIS on wide angle lens only but ote8 has it on both the sensors which means you can capture clear pictures and shake-free videos even when zoomed in.

Galaxy Note 8

Samsung added 2X optical zoom in Galaxy Note 8 which lets you zoom in without degrading the quality of the piocture. The camera also have a Live Focus mode which Samsung introduced first time in Note 8, this feature lets you change the blur settings in the viewfider and even after you captures the photo. Galaxy Note 8 captures two pictures at the same time from both the cameras, thanks to the dual shot feautre.

Live Messaging

Galaxy Note 8

Samsung introduced Live Messaging app which lets you send animated messages to your friends and family. Not only you can doodle anything and send it to your buddies but it will animate too. So, you can wish birthday to your friend by saing it with animation. You can even animate whatever you can draw on your clicked pictures.


Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s own digital assistant; Bixby, we already meet Bixby with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+. But now, bixby had improved a lotby learning new tricks to do. Note 8 has a dedicated hardware button on it to launch Bixby and it is now remap-able which means you can set some custom commands by yourself. You can set complex and deep commands to one command like one of the example here is. You can say “Good Night” to Bixby and it will recogize it and set your usual alarm, turns on do not disturm mode and blue light filter mode.

Last but not the least, S-Pen

Galaxy Note 8

How can we forget about S-Pen when we are talking about Samsung’s Galaxy Note smartphone. With Galaxy Note 8 the S-Pen also improved a lot, it can do more things which was not there on previous Note series smartphones. The S-Pen now has a finer tip for precision and 4096 level of presure sensors which means when you are writing on the screen using the new S-Pen, it will feel like you are writing on a paper. The S-Pen can now translate, animate, create GIFs, and can take Screen off memo up to 100 pages now.

Wrapping up

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an amzing smartphone which is also not very much expensive as Apple iPhones. If you want to buy one then you can prebook this smartphone now and if you want to buy it from stores then you have to wait for Spetember 15. You will also get some accesories free with Galaxy Note 8 if you will prebook at the right time.

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