Motorola promised that all its smartphones will get the latest Android update without delay but Moto G5 users are still running the old Android 7.1 Nougat OS. Either Motorola forgot about its these devices or (i can’t think of other possibility, I am just a lazy writer.) The custom ROM is the only way now to get the Android 8.1 Oreo before the official update hits.

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And it could be the possibility that you might like the custom ROM better than the official update. We have an unofficial build of LineageOS 15.1  which is based on Android 8.1 Oreo so everything you heard about the Android Oreo version will be here. Well as you know this is a custom ROM and installing it may void your warranty so read the precautions carefully before installation.

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  • Make sure that your phone has unlocked bootloader and have TWRP custom recovery installed.
  • If you are already running a custom ROM then make sure to flash stock ROM before flashing this ROM. Because flashing onto a custom ROM will carry over its bugs too.


  • Firstly, installing a custom ROM will void your smartphone’s warranty and can only be back after flashing the stock firmware.
  • Also, there might be some bugs in this custom ROM which might bite you, so beware (you know I am talking about software bugs, right?)
  • Create a backup of all your data before installation.
  • Finally, charge your phone to 80% before moving further (have patience buddy).

Steps to Install Android 8.0 Oreo on Moto G5

  1. Download the LineageOS 15.1 custom ROM and GApps zip files and move them to your Moto G5.
  2. Now reboot your phone to recovery mode.
  3. In recovery, create a backup using the Backup option.
  4. Now wipe the data using the Wipe option.
  5. Finally, use the install option to install the custom ROM zip file.
  6. After flashing the custom ROM, flash the Gapps zip file too.
  7. Tap on Reboot System to reboot the smartphone after successful installation.


Okay, your phone will take some time while booting up for the first time, enjoy some music will then. Once you see a welcome screen, follow the instructions, and you’ll be running the latest OS on your Moto G5.

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