50 iOS 11 features you must know about

Apple revealed iOS 11 beta in WWDC recently and most of the people are running this new build on their iPhones. Sadly Apple removed the support for 32-bit devices so your iPhone 5 and 5C is no longer supported and you won’t get iOS 11 features on your iPhone 5 or 5C. Well, there are tons of improvement in iOS 11 features which will make your iPhone experience a lot better.

Apple finally listened to users and added lots of features in iOS 11 which were very demanding since iOS 8 and 9.  Here we are listing more than 50 iOS 11 features which might be hidden from you but will come in handy when you know about them.These all iOS 11 fetaures are the best one which you will find right there when you use iOS 11. So, below are the 50 iOS 11 features, some of them are without pictures or screenshots so you have to try them yourself on your iPhone running iOS 11.

50 iOS 11 features

  1. The user interface on the lock screen is new, it now slides up instead of fading out when unlocking the phone.
  2. The lock screen can now be rotated in landscape orientation, well there is no practical use for it but hey! at least we now have that feature.
  3. The lock screen will no longer show you the notifications right away, you have to swipe down to see all the notifications.
  4. Now there is a music widget for lock screen which lets you control the music instead of taking up the whole screen.
  5. The notifications are not swipe-able, which means you cannot swipe them for more options like deleting them or opening the particular app.
  6. The interface of passcode page has been improved a bit, the outlined numbers are gone and we have much cleaner circle icons with a bolder font in it.
  7. If you quickly click the power button five times you will see the power menu popping up with an SOS option. Obviously, you have to add an emergency number or the default emergency services number will be called.
  8. There is a change in signal dots too, there are no dots now, instead, you will see bars just like in old days.
  9. The battery icon is a bit longer and cleaner than before.
  10. VPN icon has been added, the previous one has been removed with a “VPN” text icon.
  11. The control center is totally customizable and you can add or remove more toggles to get more things done with a single tap.
  12. There is a toggle for screen recording, you can record gameplays and do much more using the screen recording.
  13. Apple TV remote widget is also there in control center, just 3D touch it and the remote control interface will pop up.
  14. The opening and closing animation of application are a lot different now but it is a bit slower than what we have before.
  15. The recent apps windows also been changed and not it slides from the left instead of the current page zooming out to recent apps page.
  16. The screenshots are now editable right after you click the screenshot combo. you will see a little glance of the screenshot in the lower left corner and by tapping on that, you will enter the editing page where you can edit it the way you want.
  17. Apple changed the way you move around the app’s icon, now you can move more icon at once on the app screen. Just tap and hold on one, then hold any of the wobbling icons, now while holding that icon you can tap on more icons to join that icon you are holding and you can move them around to different pages.
  18. The dock is optimized to have better spacing when you remove any icon from it, looks better than before.
  19. Apple Pay interface has been changed a lot when buying any app using Touch ID.
  20. All the stock apps needs an update as they don’t support 32 bit now ad won’t open until you update them in iOS 11.
  21. The categories icons have been changed in App store, now they are much cleaner to match the interface.
  22. Notes app have changed a lot, there are new formatting options with a new monospace setting, there are now tables and you can also choose the page background.
  23. The most annoying thing; the volume interface has been moved to the top instead of covering the whole video.
  24. The seek bar is also now placed below the video instead of above which was hard to reach with one hand.
  25. The photos app now support gifs, so no need to download substitute app, also the photo editing software has tweaked a little bit.
  26. A smart invert has been added to the setting which is basically a dark mode for iPhone which darks out most of the white backgrounds to make it more usable in dark.
  27. There is a power off button in settings > General which brings up the power menu just like holding the power button.
  28. The airpods now can do a lot of tricks, you can set which airpod do what. Like you can select left earpod to the previous track and right airpod to next track.
  29. The phone storage setting has been added and now you can manage all the storage related things from here.
  30. The files app has been added which is a very demanding feature to manage some files, also you can drag and drop the app from folder to folder.
  31. You can now use type to Siri which enables you to type in questions on Siri instead of saying them aloud in public.
  32. The camera app has a QR code reader built right in so you don’t have to install any third party app.
  33. A new full-screen animation has been added in the messaging app called; Echo.
  34. Apple added one-handed mode in the keyboard so now you can make the keyboard a bit smaller to use it with one hand.
  35. You can now mute alters for a particular chat in iMessage app, you won’t see any notification from that conversation after.
  36. The scrolling in Safari is a lot smoother than before, you can swipe once to reach the end of the page.
  37. The Carplay interface also has been changed a lot, there is now a bold font with large buttons. Some navigation changes are also there with a speed limit and when you get a message in car play, you will see a badge on the message icon.
  38. A quick type keyboard has been added only for iPads where you can swipe down on some buttons to get the symbols.
  39. The widgets view in iOS 11 has been reset to one-page setup in iPad, Apple might look at it in next builds.
  40. The split view will no longer pause the app underneath it.
  41. There is now a flashlight toggle for iPad Pro with flash.
  42.  The dialer has also been changed to make it more user-friendly, like the delete button is now down with the dial button.
  43. The pictures on iMessage conversation are now draggable and you can drop them on other conversation to share it with others.
  44. The assistive touch has more options than before like SOS option and home button.
  45. The filter selector in camera app has been changed to a slider instead of a full page.
  46. The videos can now leave full-screen mode using a swipe on videos like in photos app.
  47. There is now a tab search option in tabs switch screen in Safari browser so you can search any tab when you have lots of tabs opened.
  48. The Play and Shuffle button above the song list in Music player are more prominent to see instead of small links previously.
  49. The interface in Facetime also changed a lot and there is also a live photo taking a button to capture a live photo of the conversation.
  50. In iPad, you can now swipe from the bottom of the screen to enter control center.


These were the features which you will get in the new iOS 11, well this is still beta so it is recommended not to install this beta in your primary smartphone. There are more iOS 11 features which are hidden under the core and cannot be seen but can only be felt like speed, animations and storage management so I am not listing them because you only have to feel them.

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