Valve “Knuckles” Controllers: Know More (Video)

S US est Since the VR came into existence, every gaming and PC hardware related brand creating their own tech to make the VR gaming more interactive than it is now. Well, I get chills even while gaming those horror games for Android smartphones via the VR headset. So, making that world more intractable? No thanks. But there are people who are much brave than me and seeking more from the VR Gaming and ready for Knuckles controllers.

knuckles controllers

Valve is just working on something called Knuckles controllers for making the VR universe more intractable. These Knuckles controllers aren’t like the wireless controllers from HTC Vive, it actually tracks your every finger movement. Cool Right? You can now actually hold the Light saber and do tricks. All I am looking for that how Prince of Persia parkour will look like in VR, jumping and grabbing a pole.



The Knuckles controllers are like the wireless controller from HTC Vive and it wraps around your hands with the straps. The controller than now will be in your hands and there are lots of capacitive sensors in the controller which tracks the fingers movement. But the twist is that it only tracks if your fingers are straight,  in between or tightly curved. This will track that if you want to grab onto something in the game or want to drop it.

The Knuckles controllers are just a prototype as you can see in the video below and even if you have lots of money in your bank, you can’t get it. Valve is providing the prototype to some of the best developers so they can understand and know how they can utilize this thing in their next game or program.

Wrapping up

It is Valve’s attempt to make VR gaming more immersive and exciting, you can only watch the video for now because they are not coming to market soon. For now, stick to your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and download more VR games compatible for them. There is a lot of possibilities to VR gaming, who knows there might me suits in future which will track your whole body movement (oh! do I just gave developers an idea?).

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