Night Hawk NM101 Gaming Mouse Review: Best Budget Gaming Mouse!

Night Hawk NM101

Night Hawk NM101 Gaming mouse is a budget gaming mouse which comes with high DPI and backlighting. The mouse comes with all the necessary gaming needs. The mouse comes with eight customizable buttons and adjustable DPI up to 3200 DPI. The price of the mouse is Rs 899 which is very low for a gaming mouse. Here is my in-depth review about this budget gaming mouse so you can decide whether to buy it for your gaming needs.

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Build and Design

The Night Hawk NM101 Gaming Mouse is a well-built gaming mouse which in no doubt looks super cool, and every gamer will love its design. The bottom plate of the mouse is made of metal and adds some weight to the mouse if you like heavy gaming mouse then this is the best. The mouse is all made of plastic which is a good quality plastic with a rubberized texture on it which adds a grip on the mouse while gaming.

Night Hawk NM101

The size of the Night Hawk NM101 is perfect, even if I have small hands, it fits perfectly, and there is a thumb rest provided to the side which is not removable. The scroll wheel is all plastic with a metal ring around, it feels sturdy as well. The button placement is also perfect; apart from left, right and middle click (scroll wheel), there are three keys for the thumb on the left and DPI adjustable keys on the top. Every key in the mouse is customizable using the software.

Now comes to the quality of the clicks, well as you can expect from a “Budget” gaming mouse, the buttons are not silent. There is a loud click sound on every button except for the DPI adjustment buttons. Overall the mouse is well built, and it will surely last longer than a regular mouse.


The main feature of the Night Hawk NM101 is the backlighting provided, we all know how much the gamers love backlighting. Nighthawk provided four colors changing LED on this NM101 mouse; the colors are adjustable from the software.

Another cool feature is the programmable buttons, all eight buttons on the mouse are customizable with any shortcut you want. The software comes with all the features which you need.


The Night Hawk gaming mouse is a decent performer when it comes to gaming experience. The mouse is wired, so there is no latency or stutter during the gameplay. The keys are well placed and are accessible when you need them. The only problem is that the driver’s don’t launch automatically when the windows start, you need to start it everytime you start Windows.

Should you buy it?

The Night Hawk NM101 comes with its own pros and cons, the cons are not that big and cannot cover the pros of this affordable gaming mouse. The mouse sure outperforms some of the same price non-gaming mouse but it cannot outperforms couple thousand rupees worth gaming mouse from favorite brands so does not expect that from under thousand rupees gaming mouse. I know you blew all your money on a high-end GPU, so you might need this mouse to play on your possible 4K gaming monitor.

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