Gaming Laptop Heating up While Gaming? It Must be Broken!

Gaming laptops are built for “Gaming” (duh!), and every laptop manufacturer tries to make it as robust as possible but sometimes making it powerful is not enough, you need better heat management too. If you own a gaming laptop and it heats a lot, then you need to check for the hardware because most of the cases, the laptops heat up all because of some hardware and software failure, so you need to follow these steps to diagnose your gaming laptop’s heating issue.

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1. Placement

Your computer should be placed on a flat surface like a table because all laptops breaths and mostly does it from below. So, if you block the air intake vents by putting it directly on mattress or couch, the laptop won’t be able to breathe and eventually create a lot of heat.


The laptop is given feet so it will stay some inches above the ground, and it creates enough space for the laptop to breath. If you can, you should elevate the laptop, even more, using some books, make sure the book won’t block the air intake vents of the laptop.

2. Keep the Air Vents Clean

It doesn’t matter how hard you will try; you won’t be able to keep your laptop from dust. Laptop always takes the air in from the vents, and with air, dust also enters the vents and block them if not cleaned regularly.

clean air vents

According to me, you should clean your laptop’s vents every three months and cleaning is not a big task. Just buy a can of compressed air, turn off your laptop and keep your laptop in an upright position so all the vents will be cleared for air passing. Now spray the vents with the compressed air, and all the dust will get out of the air-out vent.

3. Use laptop coolers

I know this is obvious but it is the only last try or your laptop to keep it cool while gaming sessions. Sometimes the laptop’s stock cooler isn’t enough to keep the laptop cool while heavy loads like gaming.laptop cooler


So, you can always buy a laptop cooler according to your laptop build and design. Still make sure to purchase laptop cooler with more fans, avoid buying a laptop cooler with single fans. The separate fan laptop cooler will be worth nothing after the only fan failure. But if any of the four or five fans fails, the cooler will still be cooling your laptop with rest of the working fans.


Now you know that why your gaming laptop is generating more heat, then it should be, so, from next time when you game on your computer. Try all these measures listed here, and you might get benefited from the message. Maybe one of these fixes will work for your laptop.

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