How to Install English, French, Italian Firmware on Chinese Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bit smartwatch is a fantastic option for someone who is looking for an affordable option with most of the features of a premium smartwatch. The Huami Amazfit Bit comes cheaper for Chinese e-commerce websites, so it becomes an even better choice for people. But cheap Amazfit Bip comes with a twist; they are all Chinese from the inside. And from the inside, I meant the software. Everything is in Chinese; it’s hard to even connect to the smartphone.

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So, if you already bought one and didn’t know what to do with it then stop worrying about it. Because you can flash an English version of firmware to the watch, it will change the whole interface to the English language. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

What do you need?

  • You need an Android smartphone
  • The Amazfit Bip smartwatch with Chinese firmware
  • A Windows PC

Files to download

Steps to flash the firmware files on Amazfit Bip

Before getting to the steps; install the MiFit app and the Gadget Bridge app on your Android smartphone. Also, you need to extract the firmware file zip and move the files inside it to your smartphone.

  1. Connect the Amazfit Bip to your smartphone using the MiFit app.
  2. After it gets connected, you might see the English language on the watch, but you have to follow all these steps to flash the English firmware.
  3. Now, open the MiFit app and set the watch to Discoverable.
  4. Open the Gadget Bridge app and connect the watch to the app, give it all the permissions.
  5. Now, use ES Explorer to open the firmware file (use Open With) via FW/App installer. confirm to install the file to Amazfit Bip
  6. Flash both the data in the zip file; first the .res file then the .fw file.


There you go, now you have translated your Amazfit Bip to the English language, you don’t have to throw away the watch anymore. If this article helped you then follow our social media pages and Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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