How to Unlock Windows PC using Smartphone’s Fingerprint Sensor

If you searched this on Google, then you might be looking for a solution to unlock your PC remotely. So, without further ado let’s get into it, but before that let’s tell you a rather simple and a bit expensive solution which works in the same way.

Samsung Flow is the perfect solution for you if you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It works with Samsung Galaxy S8 and later and needs a simple app to download on your PC and your smartphone. To know more about it, head over to the official Samsung Flow page to download the tool.

Now, comes the part where you have an Android smartphone other than Samsung and still needs that feature. But before heading onto the steps, lets get to know about some features of this handy app.


  • The app supports Windows x86 and x64 architectures both and it works in Windows Vista or newer version of Windows.
  • To get the app working on your phone, you need Android 6.0 Marshmallow or newer version running on your phone.
  • There are advertisements in the free version, and for $1.99, it won’t just go ad-free but also give you more features.
  • The paid version unlocks support for Wake-on-LAN features.

Steps to Unlock your Windows PC via Android Smartphone’s fingerprint sensor

  1. Open Play Store on your smartphone and install Remote Fingerprint Unlock app.
  2. Download the Windows Fingerprint Credential Module on your PC and install it.
  3. Now, open the Android app and scan your PC. Your PC should be showing the login screen to get detected by the app.
  4. Tap on the PC when it pops up on the scan page and gives it a name.
  5. Once you add the PC, switch to the Accounts Section.
  6. Now tap on Add Account and fill the username and password of the account you use on your Windows PC.


There you go, all you need to do now is lock your PC to get to the login screen and select the new user called Fingerprint Unlock. Now, open the app on your smartphone, go to Unlock section and scan your fingerprint to unlock the PC.

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